Goodbye from SoundGecko

When we formed our startup in 2012, we challenged ourselves to build personalized radio technology that allows people to hear the news, sport, music and updates they want. We built SoundGecko to explore our vision with text-to-speech for web articles. Millions of articles have since been heard on SoundGecko.

While SoundGecko has been running, we've still been busy working behind the scenes on our vision. With big changes around the corner, we've made the decision to shift our focus fully towards our vision for personalized radio with the Omny Radio app. As a result, we will cease operating SoundGecko on March 1.

The website, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Chrome apps will be shutting down on March 1, 2015.

For SoundGecko Pro subscribers, we have refunded any payments processed within the last 31 days and will cancel all billing from now onwards.

We appreciate all the support and enthusiasm for SoundGecko over the years. We are excited for the future of personalized audio.

The SoundGecko team

February 4, 2015